Digital IT Planning

Use Cases

Discover Contract Renewal and Consolidation Opportunities

Problem: Lack of real-time visibility into IT assets support contract status, lack of automated way of collecting and analyzing contract data to uncover contract renewal as well as refresh and consolidation opportunities.

Solution: cfxDimensions leverages its built-in integration with OEM customer care systems and/or customer business systems to discover the life cycle details such as date of purchase, contract terms, etc. It then correlates with the inventory data and operations metrics to provide insights about renewal and consolidation opportunities for stakeholders so that they act. cfxDimensions can:

  • Automate contract data ingestion for analysis
  • Provide complete visibility into customer contract status
  • Uncover opportunities for renewal of expiring and expired contracts
  • Provide insights based on multiple data points - contracts, usage, security risks, OpEx costs etc.


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Discover and Manage IT Assets Security and Support Risks

Problem: Lack of real-time visibility into support, security and compliance risks arising from expiring or already expired IT assets and support contracts.

Solution: Combines logs, asset lifecycle data, OEM customer care data, ERP data, industry and proprietary dictionaries as well as integration with third-party and OEM security built-in services to provide insights on about assets that are vulnerable. cfxDimension then prioritizes the reports based on the severity and business priorities. It can:

  • Automate IT asset inventory and lifecycle data collection as well as ingestion for lifecycle status analysis
  • Automate contract data ingestion for support risks analysis
  • Provide complete visibility into customer risk profile
  • Provide alerts and analysis reports to manage support and security risks


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Discover and Manage Assets Aging (EOL and EOS) Preparedness

Problem: Lack of automated ways to collect and analyze asset inventory, lifecycle and support status to manage an asset's aging. Lack of real-time visibility into IT asset EOL and EOS status.

Solution: cfxDimensions offers a comprehensive solution to collect, manage, analyze and report all IT assets that are evaluated for business impact and asset lifecycle. It includes built-in integrations with several ERP/CRM and OEM customer support systems. cfxDimensions can:

  • Automate IT asset inventory and lifecycle data collection and ingestion
  • Provide complete visibility into the status of a customer's IT asset lifecycle
  • Discover assets that are close to EOL and EOS
  • Provide alerts and easy-to-use dashboards to manage, replace and refresh of any IT assets


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Track and Manage Customer Success Goals

Problem: Track and manage customer adoption of product or service. Inability to quantify customer success and align with business outcomes.

Solution: cfxDimensions provides a rich set of integrations and customizable workflows for channels partners and enterprises to effectively manage customer adoption and satisfaction goals while maximizing profit potential. You can also overlay incentive plans to prioritize activities to:

  • Identify customer adoption eligible opportunities
  • Programmatically drive adoption success by tracking business goals, KPIs, and health scores
  • Use built-in workflows to streamline success plan production
  • Track the delivery of desired success goals and make recommendations to address any gaps


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Discover, Analyze and Track IT Modernization Opportunities

Problem: IT modernization projects are complex and time consuming because most enterprises do not have the visibility into real-time asset inventory and interdependencies. Enterprises also struggle to discover any risks and opportunities early so they can plan initiatives in advance to avoid service disruptions and save cost.

Solution: cfxDimensions continuously identify risks and opportunities for modernization initiatives that are based on criteria such as EOL or EoS, capacity risks and security risks. It also provides actionable insights for decision-makers who can use this information to manage these projects effectively. In addition, it can also create an optimal project plan automatically and then track the progress of the project. Enterprises can also implement workflows that automate tasks and reduce project costs and reduce time. Stakeholders also have access to detailed dashboards and reports to learn about the status so that they make any necessary course corrections. cfxDimensions can:

  • Automate IT asset inventory and lifecycle data collection
  • Discover assets that are are close to EOL/EOS
  • Generate recommendations with a clear project plan and milestones
  • Integrate with the enterprise approval process
  • Track the progress of project progress and provide alerts as well as reports for corrective actions


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